Management in Health Care (B.A.)

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The health market – facts and career prospects:

  • The European Commission predicts a rapid growth for the eHealth market in the near future. In fact, they say “the global telecare and telehealth market is forecast to grow from 7.6 to 17.6 billion Euros already by 2017.”
    (Source: European Commission, “Digital Agenda for Europe”)
  • In 2013 already, there were about 4.9 million people employed in the health industry in Germany alone. That means one in seven jobs in Germany is connected to the health market.
    (Source: German Federal Ministry of Health, 2013)
  • PWC conducted a study on the growing lack of specialist in the health industry: They predict that the market will be lacking as many as 630,000 specialists in 2030 if changes are not implemented rapidly – and this number does not include doctors. (PWC, 2012)
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Hospital management (B.A.)

The degree programme

Students of the 3-year bachelor’s degree programme Business Administration at Flensburg University of Applied Science (FUAS) can major in hospital management during the last half of their studies. Graduates will have acquired knowledge on business administration and the health economy as well as methodology skills. This sound knowledge base and their degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) will enable them to pursue successful careers and master challenging tasks in the health industry.

Studying with a strong focus on application

Our students benefit from our application-oriented approach and the fact that the IEMG maintains close contact with companies from the health industry, hospitals and medical centres. This offers them the chance to find rewarding internships, take part in real-life projects and broaden their horizons on study trips. The curriculum combines management, finance and controlling, quality management, customer orientation and information management. In the sixth semester of their studies our students complete a 12-week internship with partners from the industry. They also write their bachelor’s theses in cooperation with a health care company.

If you have any questions on the degree programme, please contact the programme’s coordinator Prof. Dr. Lehr.

You can also learn more about the programme by reading our flyer (in german):
Flyer hospital management B.A.