eHealth (M.A.)

BPP.E-Health.2019Modulhandbuch eHealth 2019_201909292019 Urkunde eHealth MAeHealth - MasterThe master’s degree programme “eHealth” is one more step in a tradition of working closely with and for the health care market, FUAS has established more than 20 years ago. The main focus of the degree programme is the increasing use of IT applications in health care. The combination of modules from business informatics, business administration, health economy and medical documentation is what makes the programme unique in Germany. Our graduates are highly attractive candidates on a growing job market, their career prospects are excellent.

By enrolling in the master’s degree programme eHealth, students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in business, computer science or health-related programmes can gain access to one of the major fields of application in health. Information and communication technologies (ICT) will play a crucial role in providing people with health care services in the future. Telemedicine will be used comprehensively, it will be as omnipresent as heath files and health care platforms whose importance will increase steadily – mobile applications and services will be a regular part of health care.

The programme’s curriculum puts a strong focus on practice and the application of knowledge, it includes internships as well as the participation in projects. As our students come from various disciplines and academic backgrounds, an interdisciplinary approach is an intrinsic and enriching part of the programme. We have been cooperating with partners locally and internationally for years and have created a broad network of opportunities for internships and semesters abroad for our students to benefit from.

Our students can expect four exciting and insightful semesters. To get a better impression of our curriculum and the programme as a whole, read our module handbook and the study and examinations regulations:

eHealth_module directory_20150209 (in German, English version will follow)

Please contact the programme’s coordinator, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Breitschwerdt, if you have any further questions.

Also, make sure to visit us on facebook. This page is maintained by our master’s students – so it will not only provide you with more information but with another perspective on the programme.


Learn more about the programme by reading our flyer: Folder_eHealth_MA