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Public stakeholder consultation on next phase of EU-US cooperation in eHealth/Health IT

What is this survey about?

The European Commission’s DG CONNECT and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have jointly updated a Roadmap that guides European and US cooperation on eHealth (also called Health Information Technologies or Health IT).

The objective of this consultation is to gather comments and input which will be used to validate and to finalise the update of the Roadmap and its annex.

Hospital Management in Practice

Excursion Diakonissen hospital Flensburg, Photo: FH-Flensburg

Students of the hospital management at the Fachhochschule Flensburg learned under the direction of Prof. Dr. Bosco Lehr as part of a course-related excursion the practice in Diakonissen hospital in Flensburg.

How interesting and versatile the management tasks in hospital are, students of the Fachhochschule Flensburg could experience that in practice. Mr. Prümm, commercial director of the Diakonisse Hospital and Mr. Brinkmann of Diako – Social institutions GmbH – both former graduates of the hospital management center of the Fachhochschule Flensburg – gave lectures on current topics in the hospital and healthcare management. “What skills are needed to make a career in the healthcare sector?” and other questions were answered by Mr. Prümm´s own biography.

Special investigations, for example patients with Coronary heart disease (CHD), the students learned about in the cardiac catheterization laborator to meet the ECG diagnosis.
Particularly impressive were the modern diagnostic methods and procedures in emergency medicine and in the outpatient clinic of the hospital. The high importance of digitalization was the example of the image data processing and image analysis in the radiology department significantly. Even the teaching of medical ethics issues, for example in dealing with severely ill patients, was not neglected.

A highlight of the visit was the presentation of Martin Wild, Commercial Director of the Diako. In addition to traditional performance metrics of the hospital, Martin Wilde showed the future business challenges on the basis of examples.
The visit ended with contributing to human resource management and human resource development in the hospital.

A number of students from the health-related courses perform their internship in the hospitals around Flensburg every year. “For the students, there are excellent career opportunities in hospitals locally,” says Prof. Lehr, Director of Studies of Hospital Management at the Fachhochschule Flensburg.

Between heart surgery and Gen-Lab

Group during the introduction into the genetics lab, Photo: FH-Flensburg

Once a year the students of the courses hospital management and eHealth visit the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Under the direction of professors Breitschwerdt and Trill students learned about one of the most modern hospitals in Europe. They were warmly welcomed by Ms Nina Hübner. “Ms Hübner is one of our former graduates and for our students it is always exciting to see, what career you can do with the degree at the Fachhochschule Flensburg,” says Prof. Trill pleased with the positive for both sides contact the UKE.

The first highlight was a presentation of the IT-Director, who reported that the UKE is actually working paperless. This is still a novelty in the German healthcare sector! “Only three hospitals in Europe can demonstrate this level of development of IT,” Prof. Breitschwerdt reports. This presentation was especially for the students of the master’s degree program eHealth of great interest.

Individual areas were divided into five groups then explored. So a group could look at two heart operations and gain an impression of what a high human cost in the operating room is necessary. Highlight of the day was a conversation with one of the world’s leading researchers in heart research. The look into the future was impressive. So to be grown, for example, heart cells, which can then be implanted instead of dead tissue. Finally, looking through a microscope showed a significant differences in cells and cell cultures. “This was a new world for our students, who otherwise know a hospital just from the economic or IT perspective.” Says Prof. Trill, who accompanied the group. (the photo shows the group during the introduction into the gen-laboratory).

Then, the students were invited to apply for an internship at the UKE. “We have had only positive experiences with students from the Fachhochschule Flensburg”, Ms Hübner underlined in the adoption, praise, gladly took the professors back to Flensburg.


As the number of networking activities in health care increases, cross-border concepts are becoming necessary. To tackle this challenge the German-Danish eHealth Innovation Center has developed an award-winning information platform which is now available online.

The potential to be tapped in the health sector and in welfare technology in the German-Danish border region is substantial. Two professors from the Institute for eHealth and Management in Health Care at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (FUAS), Bosco Lehr and Thomas Severin, have developed an information platform for health care providers and businesses in the German-Danish border region together with students from the master’s degree programme eHealth and the Danish company Life-Partners. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce even presented Lars Jessen, Life-Partners CEO, and Bosco Lehr with the German Danish Innovation Award in the health industry category for their idea last year.

Close collaboration (from left to right): Lars Jessen (CEO Life-Partner A/S), Lynn Jacken (eHealth Masterstudent), Prof. Dr. Bosco Lehr (FH Flensburg), Prof. Dr. Thomas Severin (FH Flensburg), Gesa Hansen (eHealth Masterstudent). Photo: Gatermann

Close collaboration (from left to right): Lars Jessen (CEO Life-Partner A/S), Lynn Jacken (eHealth Masterstudent), Prof. Dr. Bosco Lehr (FH Flensburg), Prof. Dr. Thomas Severin (FH Flensburg), Gesa Hansen (eHealth Masterstudent). Photo: Gatermann

As the number of networking activities in health care increases, cross-border concepts are becoming necessary. The newly developed eHealth platform is a core part of the German-Danish eHealth Innovation Center, which was also established last year. “We want to make it easier for local health care IT businesses to access the market on both sides of the border and to cooperate with other businesses in the same field. We also want to make eHealth applications available and usable in the border region,” says Bosco Lehr. The main key to realise all this is the transfer of know-how in health care. Furthermore, the results of a master’s thesis written by a business student at FUAS and based on a survey taken among businesses show there is a great demand for the development of a network such as this.

Communication between the businesses is facilitated by a German-Danish health care database and applications available in three languages. Companies can publish their main focus and their area of expertise and get in touch with other participants. Information on the specifics of the German and the Danish health care systems is available as well as details on projects important and contact persons in the border region. The platform also provides information on training and further and continuing education in health professions offered in Schleswig-Holstein and Southern Denmark. “Professionals who have the perspective to further their education and their career in the region are more likely to stay,” says Thomas Severin. All the more reason for the two professors to be happy about the fact that students of the eHealth master’s programme will work as interns for Danish companies. This is part of an overall development towards more international activities and partnerships at FUAS. “The German-Danish eHealth Innovation Center at FUAS will continue to be a part of this process which both companies and students active in the health sector benefit from,” says Bosco Lehr.

The new platform will be presented to the public as part of the German-Danish Innovation Day at Flensburg’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce on 2 June 2015.

conhIT 2015

It was a great success this year conhIT in Berlin from 14th to 16th April not only for the organizers, but also for our Master’s students . Besides being able to hear very interesting lectures and discussions by experts (in this example, the absolutely critical suggestions by Blogger Sascha Lobo in the keynote) we had various offers of exhibitors, both in hardware and in software. For many it was possible to establish contacts with potential future employers or placement providers. The university was represented with its own stand. Many visitors were surprised to find such a qualified courses in the absolute northern Germany.

conhit 2015 offiziell_kleiner  messestand_offiziell_kleiner

Visit us at the conhIT in Berlin

Students of the Master’s program will visit the conhIT in Berlin from 14 to 04.16.2015 and will be represented at an exhibition stand. The excursion is considered an integral part of the course. Master students eHealth, which have not been emailed, can immediately contact Ms. Tinzmann gladly.

Students who do not attend the field trip will have the opportunity to order free tickets to March 6 online direktly at

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Students at the Medica

WP_20141115_12_23_31_Pro__highresProf. Dr. Breitschwerdt and Tim Clausen, student in the eHealth Master program and Bachelor graduate of the University of Applied Sciences, were represented at the Health IT Forum at Medica, the world’s largest trade fair for medical technology and supplies in Dusseldorf from 12 to 15 , November. The booth was the application of the study and research offering and was particularly successful in terms of international practice contacts for the eLab and the EIC.